This project was chosen from a number of possible options. In particular I have an interest in robotics, my background is movement and the understanding of the body and I like to implement this in my degree in Engineering.

The arm-robot was design to experiments with devices which will required an accurate calibration. In our case the accelerometer ADXL325. The robot will try to defined the more accurate point of the accelerometer for axes X and Y and use another accelerometer to gain Z value but again only using X and Y.

The stationary robot as  Gordon McComb (2011) defines will sit in a tabletop and when the position will be saved the acceleromter will be ready for soldering into the specific device, this is not part of my project since I am only intended to created a robot which will find the accuracy for accelerometers.

The subject was really interesting because it cover a lot of aspects from my learning in the last three years.

From design in 2D and 3D to programming. I used solidworks which is a particular easier solution for 3D design. At leas in my opinion and after working in autocad. The image which is use in the background of  this blog was created as a practice project to learn the functionality of the software, in solidworks. The drawing is a Planetary Gearbox Stepper motor.  Which at the beginning of the project seem the more adequateness for purpose.

One of the requirements of the project is a presentation with your proposal and obviously some research to demonstrated your knowledge in the area. The presentation shows the different stages taking ideas from other robots.

The presentation also shows a design from a internet user Mangokid, this design help me understanding how the laser cutter works, given me some great ideas for my own design.

This blog was created as part of a project for UEL. The blog was created to help remembering the project sections at different states of it.

to be continued…


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