PIC18f26j11 Pan/tilt control demonstration.

The Pic18f26j11 works suing the configuration bits shown in earlier post, using the internal oscillator and C18 compiler from MPLAB IDE 8.90, which aloud us to write in C lenguage.
The pic used for this test was given by university lecture Panos Loakin the pin configuration is:

  • PORTA;
  1. Unuse in this test but all set to be outputs
  • PORTB;
  1. All outputs for testing, in this board we only use 3 outputs.
  2. RB7; Green LED.
  3. RB6; Green LED.
  4. RB5; Green LED.
  • PORTC;
  1. RC4 &RC5 not use at this point.
  2. RC7; RX1 Connected to R232 TX
  3. RC6; TX1 Connected to R232 RX
  4. RC3; Green LED.
  5. RC2; Green LED.
  6. RC1; Red LED.
  7. RC0; Green LED.

The board is power it with a 9v battery  and programmed with a PICkit two also provided by university.

Provided by UEL

PIC18F26J11 Provided by UEL


In this image you can see the pic18f26j11 in a PCB board and with the connector for the PIckit2 this board was provided by my tutor.

There is also the 9v battery connector ground connection coming from the VSS pin 8 of the pic18f26j11. The image below show the pic18f26j11 connected to the R232 and using a 9v battery.


Pic18f26j11 to USB TTL-232R-3

The board in the image above show the pic18 working with different combination of LED’s. Each combination for a command key from the keyboard. The interface in vb.net use either 4 arrow keys from a keyboard or the numpad using up to 8 keys. It should also work with mousepad or a normal mouse but at this point this has not been implemented in the program.

The video demosntrate the funcionality of the chip uisng the control interface.

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