Fourth Meeting

Dr. L#### suggested to use DC motors because of their low cost and it may required at easier circuit and manipulation from the pic18f26j11. The reality after researching in this matter seems to be that we will reduce accuracy to gain in price and time.

In the link below you can find a definition in the types the motors you can use and their characteristics. Until now I still think the steeper motors are the most accurate.

All On Robots Website

After researching prices for motors  and baring in mind that micro-motors will be better for the project since we thinking to go for the smaller and more precise adding a gearbox to the motor but their cost is too high for our project.

In his book Robot Builder’s Bonanza, Gordon McComb mentioned how you can create robot from recycling parts, what he calls “Building Bots from found parts”. There are lots of other people which recycle material from people waist, normally hobbies. The decision was to trying to minimize the cost of the motors and get the more efficient, in this case talking about accuracy. This could be archived by using unwanted printer motors. We have dismantle and old Epson printer and taking the two motors. Printers are really accurate and for this prototype will be perfect to use them.

Printer motors are accurate the only negative site is difficult to find the specifications of the motors since there is not model number the only description found is; EM462 for one of the stepper motors and EM463 for the other stepper motors.

(There will be required some testing to get the values of the motors.)

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