Third meeting

Group meeting where Dr. L#### told us a general approach of the projects and he also mention that we all have similar parts in our projects. We all using same microprocessor the pic18f26j11.

He mention that some people will be using wireless communication RF650 (433Mhz)  , other will use an ADXL325 accelerometer with 3 axes, the rs232 will be use for serial communication for those that we don’t have to use necessarily wireless communication

I will be testing a ADXL325 for my project I will need to check the values of X and Y and identify the most accurate value. The ADXL325 will be provided by Dr. ####, I have asked him be he will provided me with a pcb to connect to the pic and read the values that will be send to the computer throughout a usb using rs232.

I need to decided the types of motors I will be using for the project. I think this is essential for my project. The motors could be:

  • DC motors;
  • Stepper motors; unipolar or bipolar
  • Serve motors;

Dr. L#### will help me given a session on Solidworks.

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