Second meeting

The second meeting was to approach Dr. L#### to discuses about the details of the project and my concerns about the difficulty of it, I am not that comfortable with the electronic side of the project.

Dr. L#### has been really positive about this project and seems that I will not have any problem with it at all. He will send me a brief description for the project to be able to write my project proposal.

During the meeting its been decided that I will have to use the pic18f26j11, this is the one we currently using in class for this term project in Integrated systems design, which I think is in my advantage since we been programming similar functions in the pic for a completely different project.

I been told the interface will be created with vb (visual basic), the design of the robot I been told to use Solidworks even I am comfortable with Autocad seems that solidworks will be much easier and quicker.

The idea is to created a 3d arm robot which will be cut in a laser cutter. Dr. L#### has mention that he can provided the parts if I give him the files in solidworks.

Mark which is a technician from the department has provided me with some good books in Solidworks, he was the one who told me autocad in the first year.

The lab at the moment has not licenses for this software and Mark will add those to a few computers in the library at the same time I have asked Solidwork if they could provided me with a student trial licenses for 60 days.

Working in the lab is not always easy.

From today I will be meeting Panos L#### every Wednesday at 14:00 in the lab.

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