First Meeting

The first time we meet with Panos L#### was after the first session of his lecture on – Integrated Systems Design. At this point we have not decided which project we will be taken.

Panos mention his projects, which were available in the UELPLUS but also mention other projects that were not in there:

  • Onboard yacht GPS; as a tracking devices
  • Black & white capture for general recognition, digitalize video.
  • Intelligent artificial software.
  • Control system mechanism for a robot arm.
  • Water tank detector and display using a electromagnetic coil.
  • Green roof.

At his point I was clear that I have interesting in three projects from this list.

Green roof since it a great area to explore today and I develop a great interested in green technology.

Intelligent artificial software is something that I am always been interested but we were not encourage to take this as it was more for computer science students.

The last project I was interested, which I am choosing, it is the control system mechanism for a robot arm. I think using my knowledge in movement may help and since I wanted to develop more skills in embedded systems and robotics it will be the more appropriated.

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